LEGO Jokerland Harley Quinn Minifigure :: Harley Qwednesday

LEGO continues their tradition of only releasing Harley Quinn minifigures with large expensive sets, so I continued my tradition of buying the minifigure off eBay in order to get my hands on this modern Roller Derby Harley Quinn LEGO minifigure.

Released as part of the DC Super Heroes Jokerland 76035 set and representing Harley Quinn in her current Roller Derby get-up, this Harley Quinn minifigure ironically did not come with LEGO rollerskates. Harley had to steal those from the Series 9 Derby Girl minifigure.

She did however come with a hammer (and a motorcycle, not shown.)

She also has a happy face and an angry face. I wish LEGO had gone the extra mile and had given her a black/red hairpiece to be fully accurate to her modern representation, but I suppose it's hard to argue with the inclusion of her iconic headpiece because ICONIC!

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