Fisher-Price: Nightmare Fuel Since 2015

I am pretty sure this new Imaginext Blind Bagged Series 6 Harlequin/Jester is going to kill me in my sleep. There is nothing sweet and funny and innocent about this guy...

He wields a scythe topped with a skull fercyinoutloud!

Un like with most Imaginext figures with head-pieces, Harlequin's headpiece only fits over his head itself (not the shoulders) so you can actually get some decent articulation out of it akin to a ball-jointed head. Which just makes him all the more spooky.

Unmasked, Harlequin is much less menacing but super detailed. Fisher-Price really went all out on this guy. I had to have him as a companion/goon to my Imaginext Harley Quinn, bt the fact that he is most likely posessed by demons from hell has me a little concerned for my own safety.

If you don't see me blogging again after today, call the authorities. Or better yet, call a priest.

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