Tim Mee Bucket of Army Men

The fine folks at VictoryBuy sent along the Tim Mee Bucket of Army Men for review, so let's bust this bad boy open and see what's inside!

ZOMG it's chock full of Army Men!

48 soldiers to be precise, along with a mini mountain, a couple flags, a tank, a sticker sheet and two jet fighters!

And you thought buckets were only good for holding fried chicken!

The F-14 is basic but cool. I can hear the Nintendo Top Gun video game theme song now!

But seriously, Top Gun can suckit - the F-15 was always the jet for me. BOOOMBS AWAAAAAY!

As longtime fans of Toyriffic know, I can't get enough of the Tim Mee Battle Mountain (it's the backdrop for nearly every shot I take!) so it goes without saying (BUT I'LL SAY IT ANYWAYS!) that the mini mountain is my favorite part of this bucket! Now my pics can have a great big grey plastic rock in the background AND the foreground. SWEET!

Looks like The Tans have the high ground...call in the heavy artillery!

The Greens get the tank, while The Tans obviously got the aircraft. WHO WILL WIN?!?!

If you want your own bucket (*fired chicken not included) go git it on Amazon!


  1. I don't know, the lack of fried chicken is a bit of a deal breaker.

    I think the Tans might have a bit of an edge over the Greens with those jets.