Imaginext Series 6 Martian

I didn't originally set out to own the Imaginext Blind Bag Series 6 Martian, I didn't have the codes on me and was in a bit of a hurry. I thought he was the Mecha-Godzilla figure after squeezing for a brief minute. I was surprised to get him home and discover he was the alien, but having him in hand I am quite pleased I ended up with him.

The head-piece seems odd in the pictures, but it turns out to be a pretty cool little breather unit, and locks into place nicely. Without it, the Martian has a toothy grin beneath his three-eyed helmet.

I have dubbed this guy a Martian because, with the four arms, he reminds me of the Martians in the John Carter books. I'm confident that was part of the inspiration for this guy. He's pretty unique, and a fun space themed character for your Imaginext collection. I gave mine four Playmobil axes to make him even more badass!

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