Batman LEGO and BootLEGO Minifigures :: We Are Batman!

I got it in my head this week to gather together my Batman minifigures and get a picture of them all together. Most of these guys are BootLEGO, a few are legitimate LEGO, and a couple are customs made up of LEGO parts from various minifigure sources.

BootLEGO Batman Beyond is one of the gems of my collection, because LEGO never made a Batman Beyond minifigure and I can't imagine there was a huge letter writing campaign asking the bootleggers to do it BUT THEY DID IT ANYWAYS!

This simple Keaton Batman custom is one of my prouder creations - a simple arm swap with the vampire bat minifigure from the blind bag series a few years back. A simple but extremely effective recreation of an iconic moment in Bat film history! I also can't get enough of the BootLEGO Batman of Zer-en-arrh on the right there - I have three different BootLEGOs of that guy!

Bruce Wayne is LEGO legit. This blue/grey Batman is BootLEGO and so is his spacey counterpart to his left (stage right.)

In my second-hand hunting I have only ever found two Batman LEGO bits, the body shown here from the original Batman LEGO run of the early 2000s and the white cowl shown stage left. Without a head or cowl, I turned the Batman body into Old Man Bruce with this (I think) Star Wars face that looks like Frank Miller's Bruce Wayne pre shaved 'stache in The Dark Knight Returns. The white cowl I added to a Stormtrooper body and gave a clone trooper jetpack and a grapple gun to make him into Bat-Trooper.

Also a BootLEGO is Batfleck. I really like the new cowl design with the shorter ears! You can also see Batzarro on the right, that one is legit LEGO, but I have a BootLEGO version of him too.

Here's my line-up (so far) of Batman LEGO and BootLEGO minifigures, for those of you keeping score at home:

Bat-Trooper (custom LEGO)
Batman Beyond (BootLEGO)
Electro-Suit Batman (LEGO)
Bruce Wayne (LEGO)
Blue/Grey Batman (BootLEGO and LEGO with cape, LEGO with extended wings)
Space batman (BootLEGO)
Batman Begins (BootLEGO x2 with cape and BootLEGO with extended wings)
Batzarro (BootLEGO and LEGO)
Old Man Bruce (custom LEGO)
Keaton Batman (custom LEGO and LEGO)
Batfleck (BootLEGO)
Batman of Zur-En-Arrh (BootLEGO x3)
Scuba Batman (BootLEGO)
The Dark Knight Batman (BootLEGO) Green Lantern batman (BootLEGO)
Arkham Knight (BootLEGO)

With the Batman v Superman movie on the horizon and the BootLEGOers seemingly losing no steam whatsoever, I am sure there are many more to come, so stay tuned. Same Bat LEGO time, same Bat LEGO channel!