Holy Constructive Play, Batman! LEGO Unveils Batman Classic TV Series Batcave Set!

To honor the anniversary of Batman's television debut (50 years ago today!) LEGO just announced the Batman Classic TV Series Batcave set #76052 - and WOW what a whopper it is!

Due to be released in March 2016, this set includes NINE classic Batman TV series minifigures, three classic vehicles (including the fan-demanded Barris Batmobile FINALLY) and...well...a price tag of around $270.00. Sigh, looks like it's a couple hundred and sixty dollars out of my price range. Perhaps I should go get me a Powerball ticket after all.

If it's any consolation, I'm sure the bootLEGOers will be releasing all these minifigures for pennies on the dollar. But what I really want is that Batmobile! So while I look up ways to earn a little extra cash before March (anyone looking for an...ahem...escort?) let's drool all over these wonderful toys , shall we?
Fans have wanted an Adam West Batman LEGO minifigure for years, and here it is! A thing of beauty all the way down to those (Bat)man boobs!

And speaking of man boo...I mean Adam West...
Adam West Bruce Wayne is also part of the set!

Riddle me this: What are Bruce and Dick without Alfred, other than a couple completely heterosexual men hanging around in the basement wearing tights?

Answer: Without Alfred they are a couple completely heterosexual men hanging around in the basement wearing tights WITHOUT ANYONE TO MAKE THEM THEIR LUNCH, that's what!
Ahh, and here she is, the most gorgeous vehicle to ever grace asphalt. The LEGO 1966 Barris Batmobile. I want it. I want it BAAAD!

Stately Wayne Manor etc etc.

And the whole LEGO Batcave shebang laid out across my living room floor (I wish!) As I mentioned earlier, you get THREE Batvehicles: The Batcopter, Batmobile and Batcycle! I also love all those cool Batcomputer components. I wonder if they will all be neatly labeled as Batman is wont to do.

The LEGO Batcave entrance. The Batpoles are labeled! I also love the LEGO Shakespeare bust and of course the red Batphone is there too. 'It's for you, sir.'
What a wonderful LEGO Batcopter! As you can see, Robin (and presumably Batman too) has a second expression as well. Groovy!
The Atomic whatchamadoohickey. In LEGO form.

Looks like the Batpoles have a little spinny action. To the Bat-dramamine!

LEGO Burgess Merideth Penguin. WAH WAH WAH! Too bad it isn't kosher these days for him to have his cigarette holder.
LEGO Burt Ward Dick Grayson minifigure and of course...

...a LEGO Burt Ward Robin too! He looks great!
LEGO Cesar Romero Joker (with mustache!) Gorgeous!
LEGO Frank Gorshin Riddler - I hope the other side of his face is unmasked!
And last but not least, LEGO Julie Newmar (or is it Lee Meriwether?) Catwoman!

WHAT?!?! No Batgirl? Or Eartha Kitt Catwoman?!?! Or False Face, or Shame, or Egghead, or King Tut?!?!?!

Well, maybe their absence bodes well for more sets...but I wouldn't hold my breath. Regardless, this LEGO Batman Classic TV Series Batcave is a true thing of beauty and I am going to go sell some blood or something so I can own it.


  1. If I was a kid, this would be on my birthday & Xmas list for years. So awesome, but I'd never get it!

  2. Replies
    1. She would have been an awesome addition to the set!

  3. You can see in the full shot of the set that Riddler's second face is angry, still with a mask. Catwoman has a mask on her second face, and Joker's is suprised.

    While I absolutely love the figures (Joker especially), I find this set to be very underwhelming for its price. The only play features on the Batcave itself are in the Wayne Manor portion. I will buy this set, but not for full price.

    1. Good eyes, I hadn't noticed the different faces in the pics. And I agree, too spendy for my tastes as well. If you find it for less than full price, let me know too!

    2. Since this will be coming out close to my birthday, I imagine I'll either ask for it, or use any birthday money or gift cards I may get to soften the blow.
      Also, LEGO stores will be giving away a '66 Mr. Freeze, but if it's only with the set, or the "spend X amount of money" offer for the month is yet to be known.

  4. I don't like the 66' Batman at all, but man! This is one awesome set. The lack of Alfred is a bit surprising through.

    And I hate to say it Eric, but I think your escortin' days are over. Unless....Are you willing to work the local nursing home? :-p