BootLEGO Iron-Man Black Spider-Man Armor...

Just top off the fluids, Jarv old buddy
...or maybe Venom armor, or maybe Agent Venom armor. I don't know, but I know I dig him!

The BootLEGO companies have had a field day with the Iron-Man minifigure, painting him up as everyone from, well, Iron-Man to Robin to Green Lantern to Wolverine and everyone else in between. You have to admit, it's a pretty genius move on their part.

But as much as I love BootLEGOs, I had yet to own any of the Iron-Managerie until I picked up this Iron-Black-Spider-Man minifigure which arrived this week. He was just too cool  to resist...and being sold as a single minifigure. I have passed on obvious choices for me like Iron-Batman and Iron-Robin because they are usually sold in multi figure lots and I am just not that into Iron-Man. But I'm enough into Spider-Man to have bid a few pence for this guy, and I'm glad I did.

Iron-Venom is made by the company 'Elephant', and this is my first experience with that particular bootLEGOer. And he's just as good as the Sheng Yuan and Decool I have in my possession.

Iron-Agent-Venom comes with a stand and a few parts to build a Jarvis arm.

I hear KISS needs a new drummer
The paint is simple but well applied. And yes, he's painted on his back. I always forget to take pics of the backs! His original headpiece is your basic BootLEGO rehash of the LEGO Tony Stark face, with only one expression painted on it, but I had other plans for this minfigure, so I swapped Tony for...

I Am Spidarmor-Man!
...a Spider-Man headpiece I have from another bootLEGO  minifigure. Because it makes more sense to me this way, and is far cooler than the actual Iron-Spider armor from the comics.

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