Random Toy Pic :: Day Out With Daddy

When I purchased the Toddler Turtles at retail my oldest daughter was a wee toddler herself, and she loved playing with these little guys.

She played with them so much in fact that over time (and a couple moves) I lost all their weapons, and a couple of the turtles themselves!

Over the years I was able to reacquire all the brothers and two of the four weapons (still need Raph's sai and Leo's sword) and now my youngest daughter is a toddler and, wouldn't you know it, she loves these little guys too!

I've learned my lesson, and the weapons I do own are kept apart from the figures. And when I come home from work I try to gather them all together so I know where they are (at least until I leave for work the next day!) and they don't end up separated and unaccounted for or worse: stepped on!

My daughter likes to play with toys that have parent and kid pairings (like her large Piglet and small Piglet - one is the mom or dad and one is the kid) so of course I had to get the Turtles' actual dad in on the fun! Beforehand she was using the grown Turtles as each Toddler Turtle's parent (dad Raph and kid Raph, mom Leo and kid Leo etc etc) but that's just silly. Everyone knows a Toddler Turtle's dad is a rat! And besides, the older Turtles are only Teenagers themselves - I don't want to encourage teenage pregnancy!


  1. My daughter was the same.Figure size determined the figures role.6 and 12 inch figures were the daddy's daddy.

  2. You've laid down a solid set of rules. Time to write a parenting book, Sewer Parenting 101!

  3. I love the fact that your kids and you play with the same toys Eric.