BootLEGO Egghead Minifigure *Drops Mic*

Seriously. All the BootLEGO manufacturers can pack their bags and go home. Because








I'm not even kidding. I wish I were, because I do not think I am capable of wrapping my head around the fact that I live in a world wherein a Vincent Price Batman '66 TV Show Egghead minifigure exists.




'What an un-egg-spected surprise!'
I of course got this guy off eBay, from China. For dirt cheap with free shipping.

Did I mention EGGHEAD?!?!?!

I just, I don't...I mean I can't even...I...I...I...

If I could unscramble my brains long enough to form a cohesive thought, I might even point out the sunny-side (up) of this minifigure for people who don't care about Egghead (aka heathens), which is this: YOU CAN ADD A HAIR PIECE AND YOU WILL HAVE A VINCENT PRICE MINIFIGURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111!!!!!!!!!!!ZOMG!!!

This is literally just a bald Vincent Price minifigure and that is ALMOST as awesome as it being an Egghead minifigure and all is well in the world because this exists.


  1. If you ever find another one Eric grab him for me because Egghead and King Tut are my two favorite baddies from the '66 show along with False Face.

    1. I may have to get another and I will keep you in mind if I do, but in the meantime they are all over eBay right now for super cheap (search Egghead minifigure) - he can be found alone or, inexplicably, in lots with Ant-Man themed figures!

    2. The Ant Man bundles are easily explained.Marvel also had a supervillain named Egghead who, for years, was the closest thing Hank Pym had to an arch-enemy. (He was even written to be responsible for Pym's infamous mental issues.) So, 'A' for the research attempt by the sellers but a big 'D' for not taking five seconds extra to see they're two different characters from two different companies.

      That said, I'm as 'egg-static' as you are over getting a Vincent Price Lego, so I'll give them a pass. It should go great with the Tarkin and Saruman minis. Lol

    3. Wow, thanks for the info - I had no idea that Ant-Man had an 'Egghead' villain. Your explanation makes perfect sense: Someone over there knew Egghead was an Ant-Man villain, but somehow they chose the wrong 'Egghead' to make into a minifigure. Just one more insane twist in the insane world of BootLEGOs!

  2. But... he's a Yellow. Or at least he looks like it. The rest of the Batman '66 figures are Flesh. And mixing Yellows with Fleshies is tacky and wrong!

    1. No that's just my poor photography and lighting - he's flesh colored!

    2. Aha. Okay. All is well in geekdom, then.

  3. Oh. My. God.
    Thanks for posting this! I will need to get a few and try to create more custom Price figures.

  4. We live in an amazing world, my friend.