Gotham City Cycle Chase LEGO 76053 Review :: Harley Qwednesday

Here's something I never thought I would see; an official Harley Quinn LEGO minifigure with a dual colored hairpiece!

Sadly it's red and blue, not red and black, or blonde with red and black tips. Sigh.

This version of Harley Quinn is commonly referred to as the New52 Harley Quinn. Or Juggalo Harley. Or 'BLECH!' Take your pick, they are interchangeable.

I'm pretty sure this Harley look debuted in the pages of Suicide Squad with the last DC Comics relaunch a few years ago, and has already more or less been left behind in favor of the more respectable designs occurring in the pages of her title comic book.

I was shocked to see this version of Harley Quinn appearing in the respectably priced ($19.99) LEGO 76053 Gotham City Cycle Chase, for the reason I mentioned above as well as the fact that Harley Quinn minifigures usually appear in big expensive sets, and even then they don't mold a whole new hairpiece for her (see the LEGO Roller Derby Harley from their recent Jokerland set, which could also have used a dual colored hairpiece to be more comic accurate!)

I'm not totally 'New52'. I have pants. And the Shakespeare minifigure called; he wanted his frilly neckpiece back.

The Gotham City Cycle Chase set comes with two motorcycles (A Batcycle and a Harleycycle) and three minifigures: Harley Quinn, Batman and Deadshot. This set is clearly designed to coincide with the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, without being specific to the movie itself.

Deadshot is a great little minifigure and he too looks to be based on the New52 Suicide Squad design. I like that his gauntlet guns are printed on the sides of his arms!

LEGO gave Deadshot a bazooka, which shoots a little piece from the front with that little projectile doohickey all the gun-totin' minifigures are being issued nowadays. It's cool that one of the pieces of the bazooka build is that little basic handgun piece, because it's less bulky and still allows for Deadshot to be holding a weapon for display purposes.

Boba who?

LEGO also included a jet-pack for Deadshot. Because reasons.

Are you looking at my bum?

It's a simple little add-on that I am sure kids will love. And adults too. Because who doesn't love jet-packs?

I'm Batfleck
The Batman that comes with the set is the same Batman we are seeing in most standard Gotham-centric sets these days. Clearly inspired by Ben Affleck's Batman, this Batman sports the cowl with the shorter ears and no mask below the chin.

Batman gets a grappling gun this time around, which is pretty neat and saves you the trouble of cobbling one together out of your spare LEGO pieces (which I've done plenty of times.)

Batman and Harley each have dual expressions. Deadshot only has the one. Or maybe he has fifty, but you can't tell because his mask completely covers his face.

The Batcycle is a pretty hefty build, and is clearly inspired by the Christian Bale Batcycle.

Note to self: Have Alfred reinforce my codpiece.
Unless Batfleck drives something like this in the new movies. We shall see.

It too has projectile shootin' shooters at the back.

Harley gets another cool hammer build to attach to her bike or to hold for herself. For the first time ever, Harley's hammer gets the decal treatment, with black diamonds on one side and a comic book 'POW!' on the other.

Since this set is undeniably inspired by the upcoming Suicide Squad movie, it would have been neat to see Harley Quinn get a baseball bat accessory. But one can never have too many giant mallets.

Or Harley Quinn minifigures!


  1. That mallet is really cool! While I think I'm done collecting the Lego DC stuff (unless we get anything else with Batgirl in it) I do appreciate getting three petty nice minis in a set.

    I have so many Lego batcycles and tumblers, though, that I just can't justify grabbing any more.