In Space, No One Can Penalize You For High Sticking

In addition to the Space April I received from Robot Monster Space Superhero, I also received Space Casey Jones from the most recent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figure wave!

Space Casey is a good figure if you're into the Nickelodeon TMNT iteration of Casey Jones. But if Nick TMNT Casey isn't you thing, is the figure still any good?

Well, yes...but I do have a couple nitpicks.

Firstly: I have a problem with the inexplicable bubble-gum pink components of his space suit. What is up with that?!?! Now I'm not up on the cartoon, but from the pics I've seen online, the Pink Pearl Eraser pads aren't even cartoon accurate. It looks terrible, I need to find a brown sharpie or something else to cover it up.

Second: listen, I'm fine with a teenaged kabuki make-up Casey Jones. I mean, it's not MY Casey Jones but I'm okay with alternate realities and he may very well be YOUR Casey Jones. But if you're going to change things up with a fresh new angle, stick with it (or at least the cool parts of it) for consistency's sake.

If this Casey had his KISS make-up (or better still his hockey mask) under the space helmet I'd love this figure, regardless of whether or not it's toon accurate for him to look that way. Or if he had the make-up painted onto the dome itself - Oh yeah, that would look cool!

I suppose I could fix that issue myself if I felt so inclined. Hmm, maybe I will.

All that said, Casey is still a good figure and it seems to have had a higher budget than Space April. His 'dome' snaps on and off snug and tight, and the plastic is clear and clean (unlike April's more opaque and frankly cheaper feeling helmet.)

He has more articulation (with elbows AND knees!) and his costume design has a lot more...things...on it.

Like this...umm...thing on the back. I suppose it's a jet pack or something. That said, as you can see, Playmates hollowed out Casey's wrist gauntlets to save on plastic/weight, and it looks tacky. But these figures are probably the least expensive game in town and I suppose this is how they do it. If you're a fan of the line you've come to expect these cost cutting decisions. At least you can't see it from straight on.

Aslo - no accessory. Come on Playmates - at least throw in a spacey hockey stick!

Like with April, if Space Casey is your thing then Space Casey is your thing. You know what you're getting into so you can't go wrong with this figure if you want him.

He's a good figure, he's just not 'Casey Jones' enough for me to have been a 'must have.' Although now that I have him, he does pair well with April and don't get me wrong, I greatly appreciate John from Robot Monster Space Superhero sending him my way! In fact, I am now looking forward to modifying Space Casey to make him slightly cooler. It should be fun!


  1. You keep referencing "kabuki Casey". Where did that come from? I saw the little half shell hero guy, but that is not show accurate. The show has Casey, with a hockey mask, that he painted to resemble a skull. He hasn't had it much (or maybe at all) in the new space season though.

    1. Didn't Casey also paint his face in his first appearance? Or at least doesn't his basic Nicktoon TMNT action figure have a painted face under his mask? I admit I've not followed the show closely, but it seems to me his did so early on (and that's what the Half Shell Hero figure is based on), but I certainly could be wrong.

  2. Yeah i wasnt crazy about that pink coloring either lol.

  3. Those pink things are horrible! Sadly, I will still buy the figure.