Krypto the Superdog!

I scored TWO different Kryptos at the Flea Market today for $3 total!

I only picked up the Ace the Bathound at retail when this series was in stores, based on the animated series from 2005. I always regretted not getting, well, the whole line to be honest...but especially the title character Krypto himself! Thankfully now I have rectified that situation in spades!

Let's take a look at these two super canines, shall we?

While digging through bins of random toys I first came across this Krypto and though to myself 'Well wouldn't ya' know it, some dumb kid cut off his cape!' I was pissed for a second or two before I realized this Krypto had a retractable cape action feature:

Push a button on his collar and his cape pops out (as well as his 'S' dog tag.) He also talks! The batteries were dead of course (but fortunately not corroded!). Thankfully Toyriffic headquarters has so many toys around it would give Santa an aneurysm, so we were able to find some replacement batteries located in another toy quite easily.

Krypto says such gems as 'Ruff Ruff and awaay!' and 'Oh no, Kryptonite!'.

Good times!

Once I had confirmed the retractable cape Krypto was not in bad shape after all, I continued to dig and came across a second, wholly different Krypto!

This Krypto is more basic in construction, lacks an action feature or electronics, but does boast...

...flight poseability!

This Krypto is actually my favorite of the two due to the flying pose. I need to figure out a way to display him in this position.

Ruff Ruff, and Awaaaaayyyyy!


  1. Gah! Super awesome! I often wonder what flea market(s) you shop, as you turn up some absolutely fantastic finds. Let's be honest; I'm envious!

    1. Most of the time my finds come from the weekly Flea Market here in Santa Cruz, CA. I don't always find something, but I always have fun looking!

    2. Well, that is one of the major appeals of any flea market (or comic book shop) - browsing!