Bootlego Iron-Man Robin Minifigure

One of the fun things that those crazy Chinese BootLEGOers are doing (that couldn't be done if they were following the copyright laws of our great nation) is releasing Iron-Man in Iron-suits based on heroes and villains from both Marvel and DC comics. You can get Iron-Man bootLEGOs designed after Wolverine, Mr. Fantastic, Superman, Green Lantern, Venom, and my latest addition and personal favorite...Robin!

I can see Iron-Man doing this type of thing because he's a cocky asshole and showing up to Gotham City in a suit fashioned after Robin would piss Batman off in just the right way.

Or maybe Robin built a suit of armor that looks like Iron-Man because that would piss Batman off in just the right way.

This minifigure is made by Elephant, which in the past has had some lower quality figures from what I have seen online, but seems to be doing just fine with their recent Iron-Man minifigures (at least concerning the Venom and Robin I own.)

Like with Iron-Venom, Iron-Robin came with a Jarvis arm build, but I didn't bother with building it this time around.

I did however bother to take a pic with his helmet up this time!

Under the hood is Tony Stark's snarling visage. I need to add in a Robin heapiece to make this into a Robin in an Iron suit minifigure (as I envision it). I also need to get me the Iron-Batman suit!

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