Hamtaro Rock 'em Sock 'em...Hamsters?

My step-son has been into Anime and Manga for as long as I have known him. One of his favorite Japanese cartoons when he was a wee lad was Hamtaro. So when I found this at the Goodwill I immediately recognized it as a couple of Hamtaro hamsters. My step-son may be too cool for it at age 14, but my intern and I have been having fun with it and I am sure he'll love it even if he acts like he's too old to have toy hamsters in his room (pro tip: you are never too old to have toy hamsters anywhere.)

My wife tells me this little lady is named Bijou...

...and this is Hamtaro himself.

But you don't care about any of that, you want to know what this thing is and what it does, right?


Well, it's like a mini Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots set (hence the title of the post, genius!) but instead of punching each other the hamsters do a butt-bump ala 1970s disco dancing!

Butt bump and butt bump until one of the hamsters flies off the ring. Hours of fun!

The toy says 'Epoch Ltd.' and 'Made in China' on the bottom, but otherwise this sticker is the only information the toy presents. No idea of a year on this one, perhaps someone who speaks Japanese (I assume this is Japanese) can enlighten us as to what it says here?

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