What if Leprechauns Are Actually Green Lanterns?

That would make a fun story - a small humanoid Green Lantern visits Earth, Ireland to be exact, back in the time of the Celts. He's chased a sonic powered female humanoid alien, a battle ensues, a village is razed, the GL, before leaving with his prisoner, gives the town some gold to pay for the damages and voila! - the legends of both the Leprechauns and the Banshee are born!

Yeah I know, I've grossly oversimplified (and Americanized) the mythic Irish creatures, but it's still a better story than the Green Lantern movie.

Which is where this Krona figure comes from. Specifically, Krona is part of Mattel's now defunct Action League line. I honestly don't remember how Krona played into the movie, because like many forms of abuse I have blocked the film from memory.

He actually looks a lot like a hat-less, scarf-less Orko to me. Maybe Orko was Eternia's Green Lantern!

Oh well, enough of these silly fan-fictions. Have a great St. Patrick's Day!


  1. I love it! Someone should totally write a novel about that.

  2. Great story! And a cool looking figure.