DC Collectibles Animated Batman 'Tales of the Dark Knight' Set Coming Soon!

Recent posts about my classic Batman Animated action figures got me searching online for info and checklists and stuff, and in my searching I discovered this DC Collectibles Animated Batman Tales of the Dark Knight three figure set due out October 2016!

Based on the 'What If' episode of Batman the Animated Series (or perhaps it happened during the re-branded TNBA era) this set includes a Frank Miller inspired Batman, Mutant Leader and Carrie Kelley Robin! I have a pretty nice collection of Robins, but not one single version of Carrie Kelley, and that is one badass looking Batman right there! I really want his set (or at least Batman and Robin) but at $70...well at least this set is being released before my birthday, so perhaps I can convince my someone to get it for me as a birthday present!


  1. Yeah that is a little too rich for my blood...But man do they look awesome.

  2. It's $59.99 at BBTS. Not sure what it would be with shipping. Probably $70. Lol.

  3. Ouch, thats to much. I could do without the Mutant Leader if they dropped the price by half

  4. Holy..now that is a Dark Knight Returns Batman I could get behind. I always loved this segment, and I think Ironside's Batman ranks right up there with Kevin Conroy's. He was worlds better than Ben McKenzie in the Dark Knight Returns movie.

    1. I met Ironside once. He bought my uncle's Shelby. It was years before his JLU Darkseid or Batman Animated work, but we did get him to sign our VHS copy of Top Gun lol!