JLU: Big Guns Kick the Hell Outta' You!

The Mattel Justice League Animated/Justice League Unlimited toyline only produced a very small handful of 'oversized' action figures during it's tenured reign. 99% of the figures in the line shared the same basic size/standard male or female 'buck' or base body, arms and legs. But these big guys were each 100% originals.

If memory serves me correctly, of all 'people', Ultra-Humanite was the first Justice League Animated villain to make it to action figure form. Darkseid was produced not long after that, and it wasn't until the end of the line many years later that Doomsday and Gorilla Grodd made the ranks. Each of the latter was a Target exclusive figure in their own respective five packs, which consisted mostly of re-releases and re-paints of Batman, Superman etc etc. I'd complain about the difficulty I had finding all these guys at retail (I actually had to buy Grodd off a friend) but that pain is nothing compared to the fact that Mattel did make one more JLU big-fig that I don't own: an SDCC exclusive Solomon Grundy! HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO ME MATTEL?!?!?!

Thankfully the Imaginext Solomon Grundy makes a respectable stand-in. But it still hurts not having the JLU Grundy!


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    1. He's one of my all time favorite action figures!

  2. I love the whole JLU line. The aesthetic really appeals to me (as it's inherently very Bruce Timm). My only complaint is that they don't stand terribly well on their own.

    Check out this sweet JLU custom that was on eBay not too long ago:


  3. I could take them or leave them myself. If I find them at the pulgas I usually buy em. I only have Captain Boomerang and Sinestro though.

  4. This Darkseid is better than imaginext.

    This is a Darkseid's son? Big error: