When I Get to the Bottom I Go Back to the Top of the Slide

These four Disney characters in little plastic cars were once part of a battery operated toy roller coaster set. If you grew up in the seventies or eighties you may have had one or a variation of one, they were pretty popular and many different versions were made.

It was an extremely basic 'toy'. The cars were pulled up the ramp by a conveyor belt and would roll down the winding track, back around to the conveyor belt, and do it all over again. Ridiculously simple, but somehow enthralling. This is what passed for entertainment before the internet, kids!

Anyways, I'm pretty sure I had this set when I was a wee lad. These four were found at the flea market a couple weeks ago, and even though they were sans coaster, they were way too cute to pass them up.

Donald is driving a little blue jalopy.

Goofy drives the same style vehicle as Donald, only in lemon yellow.

Minnie drives a cute little red coupe.

And Mickey drives a matching green number.

Each car has a couple steel wheels underneath and function just fine as little toy cars on their own. No roller coaster required!

I'm not sure exactly when these specific cars were made, I did a little Google research and found a few different looking versions but not these specific cars. If anyone has any more specific info on when these came out and what specific set they were released with, let me know!


  1. These are strange, they are not the Illco version that Im familiar with from the late 70's and again in the early 80's.Never seen these versions before.

    1. Yeah, I have yet to find any sign of them online either.

  2. I wish I had answers for you! Although their mystery is half of their appeal. Definitely a cool find and glad you have 'em in your collection!

    1. Yeah, they're beautiful and I love them regardless of provenance!