Mega Bloks Casey Jones TMNT 2 Minifig

I hit up Toys R Us this weekend and was pleasantly surprised to find a wave of Mega Bloks NOT blind boxed (Fully Disclosed Boxed?) minifigures for the upcoming TMNT 2 Out of the Shadows movie; and the wave includes Casey Jones!

The wave also includes a pirate Mikey, paratrooper Raph, stealth (translucent) Leo, camo Don and two different types of Foot Soldiers.

Honestly, I am excited to see TMNT 2 Out of the Shadows even though the first movie was only ok. With the introduction of Krang, Bebop, Rocksteady and Casey into this new cinematic universe, how can it be anything but epic? (Sarcasm alert!) But seriously, I'm sure it will be full of explosions and Megan Fox butt shots and slo-mo action scenes and massive 8 foot tall ninja turtles, but whatever. I'll still at least see it on DVD.

Back to the minifig: for the size, this is a pretty good representation of Casey Jones. The mask could use some black eyes and mouth vents, and I will probably add that with a sharpie. But otherwise this isn't a bad figure and could pass for the comic version given the fact that the mask is pretty accurate to the original art. So even if you hate the movie but love Casey Jones you can't hate this figure based on it's own merits.

Casey Jones comes with a hockey stick accessory and is constructed like any of Mega Bloks' movie/comic book based minifigures to date, so if you are familiar with them you know what you are getting. If you aren't familiar with them they have a ton of articulation in such a tiny package, and they link into/hold onto your standard 'building brick' and other related components.

Toys R Us was selling these figures for the same price they charge for their LEGO minifigures ($3.99) which seems pretty par for the course nowadays. There was a full display box and no figure seemed short packed or limited, but I suppose any one figure's popularity or lack thereof may make your mileage vary.

So in conclusion: if you are a fan of Casey Jones, TMNT, Steve Amell or massive 8' tall humanoid turtles in general, you should get yourself one of these mini vigilantes! He's keen! (Now if I only had a LEGO cricket bat!)


  1. Finally ,a proper Casey Jones figure!He and Shredder have gotten the the crap end of the stick as far as the modern line goes.

    1. Yeah, I'm pretty ambivalent about the Nick toons Casey, but from what I've seen of amell's Casey I'm pretty excited (although he doesn't thus far seem to be playing it crazy like the role needs in my opinion)

  2. This is great. I'm SO over blind boxes. What a win! But you're right...a cricket bat would've pushed this over the edge. Even a Jose Canseco bat would be something...

    1. A Jose Canseco Bat? Then I would have had to have paid money for that thing!

      As for the cricket bat, i am almost positive one of the Lego accessory companies like brick warriors makes one. I may have to look further into it.