Half-Shell Heroes Leatherhead G1 Mod

This past weekend I came across a Half-Shell Heroes Leatherhead at a garage sale and picked him up for a quarter. In fact, I spent a whopping fifty cents at that particular garage sale, (I bought a toy for my intern) after finding a dollar on the grass, and afterwards found sixty seven cents in the gutter. So basically I got his guy for free and walked away with a net profit of a dollar seventeen.

Anyways, Leatherhead is definitely a solid stand-out figure in the Half-Shell Heroes lineup, but still, I do prefer me some G1 Leatherhead over the modern iteration (which is much more in tune with the original Mirage comics version, but I digress.) So I cut out a vest for him from a piece of craft felt we had lying around the house, and gave him a Playmobil shotgun (sadly I don't have a double barreled shotgun in my Playmobil bits and bobs.)

The closest I could come to his hat is this Playmobil Aussie style hat. I suppose I could also fashion one out of felt or something until I find something more perfect, but even with just the vest and without a hat I think this Leatherhead is a vast improvement over the already pretty spiffy modern version.

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  1. Good price and you even got accessories !!
    hope that you and yours had a great Holiday weekend..