Spider-Gwen and Spider-Woman BootLEGO minifigs

Two new additions to my BootLEGO Spider-Ladies collection (which previously only consisted of Silk) - Spider-Gwen and Spider-Woman!

Spider-Gwen is all the rage now, so of course when I spotted this bootLEGO I had to have her. I know nothing about her except (I think) she's an alternate universe version of Gwen Stacy that was bit by the radioactive spider instead of (in addition to?) Peter Parker. The minifig is pretty basic design applications but I do appreciate the 'extra mile' they went in adding the design to the 'inside' of the hood. I've never seen LEGO do that.

LEGO made Spider-Woman as an ultra-low-quantity Comic Con exclusive, so it's nice to see her as an ultra-low-price BootLEGO.

Spider-Woman has two facial expressions and even came with a 'web' accessory. Spider-Gwen came with a couple useless pieces that represent who knows what, and a gun because bang bang. Both came with a stand.

Both of these bootLEGO ladies are of unknown origin but are on the high end of the bootLEGO quality scale. I definitely recommend them if you're tired of your Spider-Man themed LEGO minifig collection being nothing but a sausagefest.


  1. The is a DC comment; sorry, Marvel. You mentioned that you'd like a Carrie Kelley figure (preferably cheaper than the upcoming "Tales of the Dark Knight" 3-pack), and it looks like Multiverse heard the cry. Check it out on Entertainment Earth: http://www.entertainmentearth.com/prodinfo.asp?number=MTDKN33C#.V4AsDI41dB8.

    1. YES! I heard about her a couple weeks ago. MUST HAVE (but will probably never find at retail)!

    2. I'll keep an eye out for you in my region. Not that it will do any good, as I live in a barren wasteland of toys. But, I did see a somewhat more rare 6" Multiverse figure in stores. Once.

    3. More eyes on the hunt always helps!

  2. Wow those bootlegs are getting better and better.