Imaginext Robot Body Plankton

I'm no fan of the SpongeBob Squarepants cartoon. In fact I hate the dang show.  But I can appreciate a cool character concept and design, and the show does have some good character designs and concepts. The idea of a megalomaniacal plankton is pretty damn clever. And anything that is a character in a robot body is extra awesome. So when Imaginext released a robot body Plankton, well, I knew I had to have it.

Sadly fisher-Price released the robot body Plankton in a large playset, rendering him out of my financial league, at least for a playset for a cartoon I loathe. But fortunately eBay came through again (a few years later) and I was able to grab this little lunatic for a song.

Plankton is understandably not removable (choking hazard!), but he 'sits' up top on the robot body, which is standard Imaginext figure sized. Which means his robot can sit in or on any Imaginext vehicle or playset, and can hold and Imaginext accessory any standard figure can hold, which adds to the fun of this little robot suit.

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