Imaginext Ice-Ice-Clayface!

A couple years ago Toys R Us began selling an exclusive Mr. Freeze Lair playset. The set came with a lair, a re-colored Mr. Freeze, a Batman, a Bat-Snowmobile and an ice version of the Imaginext Clayface!

The only piece  from the set that I had any interest in was Ice-Face (as I have dubbed him.) So I couldn't excuse the purchase of the whole set just to get Ice-Face. I just had to bide my time until this past weekend when I literally walked next door to find him for sale at a yard sale for a dollar...and I also got the lair and snowmobile for that same dollar!

Ice-Face is clearly in 'played-with' condition, having a few scuffed teeth and some scratches throughout, but for the price I can't complain. If I never find a nicer specimen I'll still be happy with this one. As with Clayface before him, Ice-Face's head is hinged and you can place a standard Imaginext figure inside him. What gives Ice-Face an added bit of 'oomph' is the fact that he's made of transluscent plastic, so you can see the guy just chillin' in his belly when he's inside.

It's really cool that I was able to skate on over to the neighbor's house and get Ice-Face for such a small amount of cold hard cash! HAW HAW HAW! I may be cold but my jokes are red hot!


  1. I too liked Ice-Face when I saw him in TRU, but I certainly wasn't going to buy that whole set. I have neither the money nor the room. However, I'd love to find him by himself (especially for a mere dollar). Great find!