Imaginext Doomsday is Here!

Fisher-Price has done it again! They've released another set inspired by current superhero trends that skew a bit too old for the pre-school action figure line, without directly referencing or paying tribute to said source material. Genius!

Similar to the inclusion of an Arkham Asylum Batmobile in Imaginext form, Fisher-Price just added Doomsday (and a battle damaged Superman) to their ranks, influenced by the final battle scene in Batman v Superman, but not a direct reference to the epic moment in a film kids shouldn't see (and some would argue no one should see!).

Fortunately Imaginext's Doomsday is far more comic-book influenced than the film's version. I absolutely love how much of his containment suit is still present. I can't imagine it's even remotely likely, but I wish a masked Doomsday variant would be released in the future!

Toys-R-Us had an online sale over Labor Day, with free shipping on all orders. I was able to get Doomsday and Superman for $11.99 and free shipping! Having not seen him in person at any retail establishment, I couldn't pass on the deal, especially since he's $17.99 (at least) full price. If you can find him!

The set is more like a figure/vehicle set, with Doomsday designed with an action feature dial on his back. An Imaginext figure placed in the footpad on his back can make Doomsday's arms flail when the footpad is rotated. The package shows Lex Luthor in the 'driver's seat' but kids and adults far too old to be playing with pre-school toys can also place Superman there for laser vision lobotomizing good times!

Doomsday even comes with a twisted girder accessory for Kryptonian clobbering fun!

Doomsday's head sculpt is pretty great, and very accurate to his original comic book appearance.

Doomsday is a basic action figure, and his action feature unfortunately makes his arm poseability limited (read: non-existent).  His arms only flail with the turning of the disk, and can't be held in any up and down position EDIT: actually they can be clicked up into more dynamic poses, I just hadn't realized it at first! His wrists do rotate, as does his neck and his legs rotate into a sitting position. Visually, the red footpad disk does little to detract from the beauty of the figure, especially if you place a figure in the footpad for display. He's also surprisingly large. He dwarfs even larger figures like Solomon Grundy and Clayface.

I'm surprised at how impressive the Superman variant that comes with the set is. I didn't get the set for another Superman, and would have gladly bought Doomsday sans Superman, but I'm really happy with this Supes. He may be my favorite Imaginext Superman yet! The angry heat-vision visage is just great, and the torn costume paint app shows this Superman means business! This is now my go-to Imaginext Superman!

I highly recommend this set if you're a fan of the characters. I'm trying to keep my Imaginext collecting more Batman skewed, but I suppose I can forgive this set since it's relevant to the most recent Batman movie, even if it's not even remotely Batman related. I'll have to do an Imaginext Batman/Superman/Wonder Woman vs. Doomsday photoshoot someday!


  1. I came close to picking up an Imaginext Hall of Justice.Man I'm glad I didn't cuz then I would have gone completely Imaginext crazy.It'll happen one day,just not today.

  2. I like the homage to the original suit worn by Doomsday.

  3. I have seen him twice in stores so far...