The Adventures of Baby Rick Grimes :: Glen's Fate

Noooooooooo! Not Glen!

Well I hope you've enjoyed the Countdown to Halloween 2016 and all my ridiculous Adventure of Baby Rick Grimes posts. I know it's not quite Halloween, but it's Halloween weekend, and with Halloween on a Monday I'm not sure if I'll be getting in any more Adventures of Baby Rick Grimes before we return to your regularly scheduled programming.

Today's recreation of 'the moment' from the Season Premier of The Walking Dead Season 7 stars a Playmobil/Madball knockoff as Glen, a Lego minifig as Negan, and of course our intrepid Tomy wind-up toddler sheriff as Baby Rick Grimes. Take a bow, everyone!

If, unlike Negan, you'd rather kill time than beloved characters, be sure to visit all the participants in this years' Halloween Countdown at CountdownToHalloween.blogspot.com

Have a happy Halloween. Stay spooky!

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