Dia De Los Muertos Monster High Skelita Mega Bloks Minifig

Just in time for this year's Dia de Muertos (or Dia de los Muertos depending on how white you are) celebration, I found the Mega Bloks version of Monster High's Skelita Calaveras at Toys R Us.

I'm a far bigger fan of the Mega Bloks buildable minifig Monster High toys than I am the dolls. Of course the dolls are dolls, so there's that, but I did buy quite a few for my oldest daughter back when they were first released. Beyond the difference in dollies and minifigs, I think the minifig aesthetic works better for these ladies. Their heads aren't as proportionally huge and their limbs aren't as proportionally stick-thin in minifig form. To me the minifigs look a lot better.

Regardless of my complaints about the physical design of the Monster High dolls, I've always loved the character designs themselves. Once the line got past your standard werewolves and vampires, they really started to branch out and bring some clever and unique concepts to form. Skelita is one of the best, with her skeleton/sugar skull design and Mexican heritage making her a real stand-out character concept.

As with all the Monster High Mega Bloks minifigs, Skelita comes with that silly coffin shaped cell phone or Die-Pad or whatever the heck it is, a bracelet, a necklace, and is made out of interchangeable parts so you can mix and match your Monster High minifigs to your Dr. Frankenstein heart's content.

I've previously posted about the Monster High Mega Bloks Spectra Vondergeist and Venus McFlytrap from Series 1. I didn't pick up any from Series 2, although I was pretty tempted by a couple of them. Now that I have Skelita and another I picked up from Series 3 (to be blogged at a later date) I may have to just admit I collect little dollies and get a bunch more. Here's hoping the line continues and has a long and fruitful run! Viva la dollies!


  1. I love the Megabloks Monster Highs. I bought almost every character in at least one version up until series 2, but never did get any of the third series.

  2. I only saw Series 2 once and missed out on Operetta, so I hope they pop up somewhere again so I can add her to my meager cherry-picked collection.

  3. I may have to have one of these for my desk now

  4. Nice. There need be no shame or deterrence in dolls, but I can understand the aesthetic differences, which I used to share.