Marvel Legends Fantastic Four Thing Walgreens Exclusive

Walgreens has been releasing exclusive Fantastic Four Marvel Legends figures for a couple years now. Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, The Human Torch, and even Silver Surfer have all been released at Walgreens while Marvel comics themselves have ignored the first family of superheroes.

I'm only a casual Marvel Legends and Fantastic Four fan, so I didn't bother picking any of them up. I honestly figured they'd never complete the team anyways, so what's the point?

Well, they did complete the team, and they saved the best for last! Had they lead with Thing, I'd probably have bought them all!

I've always had a fondness for The Thing, even without his FF teammates. I loved his solo cartoon back when I was a wee lad, as ridiculous as it is now. I loved reading comics with him in them, I was always of the camp that Thing could beat Hulk. And I used to have the first Marvel Legends Thing from Toybiz, (I remember being so excited finding that one!) as well as a couple Michael Chiklis  Thing figures after the movie came out. But I gave them up years ago. They were ok action figures, but they're nothing compared to this new release. I do still have the smaller scale Hasbro Thing from a few years back, who is cute but also pales in comparison.

This newest version of Thing comes with an alternate head and open/closed hands.

Thing has been thus far a bit difficult to find as there are a lot of collectors wanting him to complete their FF team, as well as casual collectors who just love a big massive orange rock of a lug. Ben Grimm is a massive solid figure and a gem in any superhero action figure collection.

If you see him grab him! This guy is so great, such a gorgeous and detailed sculpt! In all my toy travels, I've only seen him once and of course here he is. Now I just need to decide if I'm going to backtrack and try to collect his fellow Four. But even if I don't, no regrets!


  1. Started backtracking on the Four as soon as I saw this guys- best FF I've seen yet

  2. The Thing and Human Torch have always been the two FF members I loved. Unfortunately, Walgreen's Human Torch (at least the one that I found) was super gummy limbs, and it felt like the plastic would tear every time I tried to pose him. So I returned him.
    This Thing is great, though. No complaints at all.

  3. I actually found him and Mr. Fantastic in the wild at a local Walgreens! Of course I snatched them both up to complete my team! I guess I ought to hunt down the Surfer too...