Penguins is Prac-tic-ally Chickens.

Continuing with DCUC week is The Penguin from Wave One.

The Penguin tends to get very little respect, both in fiction and as a toy. I think that is due to the fact that a Penguin action figure is a bit of an oxymoron. This guy isn't much on "action." This fact leads to The Penguin probably being the easiest to find figure from Wave One. Which is too bad, because people who are passing him up are missing out on a fun and well designed charter member of Batman's rouges gallery.

What Cobblepot lacks in athleticism he makes up for in moxy. And gimmicks. Bird gimmicks and umbrella gimmicks to be exact. Once you accept that component of the character (as silly as it may be) he becomes more than a homely mobster and actually has some villainous charm.

The sculptors for this DC Universe Classics Penguin got the "homely" portion down without getting too freakish or mutant looking...

...and they also included a nice gimmick umbrella. It's obviously designed as a shield to protect Oswald from errant batarangs...

...and it hides a secret too!

Penguin's umbrella has a little Gatling attachment that can be hidden from view behind the umbrella-shield..

...or exposed for Bat-Target practice!

"Waugh waugh waugh!"

This figure was originally supposed to come with a robotic Penguin, which would have been awesome but was scratched in pre-production. So my Penguin had to adopt a couple atomic-glowing Penguins to spread radiation sickness throughout Gotham...unless Penguin's demands are met!

Who will stop this fowl fiend?!?!


  1. Hey. I like your blog and the bugs bunny reference on your penguin review. I started a similar review blog. You can't have enough reviews i think.


  2. Nice catch on that Looney Tunes reference Steve!

    And no, you can never have enough reviews...or toys for that matter.