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This is Hush, from the "you either loved it or hated it" Batman comicbook storyline of the same name. He is also my very first DC Infinite Heroes figure!


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DC Infinite Heroes have been getting some flack (and yes, some praise too,) from the toy collecting community since their release a couple months back. I'll let you go somewhere else to get embroiled in all that, but let me say my piece (it is, after all, my blog!)

DC Infinite Heroes (or DCIH for short) has been on my radar since being first revealed online, through photos from Toy Fair. I'll admit, not all of them are the best sculpted interpretations of the heroes/villains they depict. But yowza, they are covering an insanely broad and vast area of the DC Universe, and how! And they are aimed at kids, not necessarily old collectors like me and probably you.

So I knew what to expect, and I knew I'd be picking some of them up when the day came that I saw them on the pegs. I also knew I would happily pass on many. Some I would pass on for other things, but buy if money were no object. Others (namely Batman themed figures) may end up in my collection even if they're a little on the bland side, because dammit I LOVE BATMAN!

Nothing wrong with that. Ahem.

All that being said, I was very excited to see Hush on the pegs, and after looking at him at the store and opening him up at home I can say that there is not one single thing wrong with this figure. He's awesome!

Hush, along with being an obscure Bat-villain, is one of the best looking figures I've seen yet from DCIH. He has plenty of detail, and the usual gripes about these guys' sculpts (head size, hand size) seem perfectly proportioned for this figure.

The paint details are great, and the coat looks like it's blowing in the wind. Nice touch!

There's more than enough articulation for a toy his size (although his kilt blocks his legs a bit,) and based on the character selection available and upcoming, including purported vehicles and play-sets, if I were a kid I'd seriously be going ape-poops over this line.

Okay okay, I do have one minor quibble...no accessories.

Even old school Star Wars figures from the seventies came with guns and light sabers and little things like that. While I understand and accept that an accessory for Superman or Captain Marvel may be unnecessary, the least they could do is pack one or two in where appropriate. Note to Mattel: Assassins need guns. Period.

I remember this being an issue with the early Justice League animated figures too. I'm sure Mattel has plans are to rectify the lack of accessories in the future with DCIH as well.

In the meantime I gave old Thomas (or is it Jason, or maybe Clayface...) a Star Wars rifle. See how simple that was, Mattel?

So I'm probably now irrecovably hooked on DCIH. Maybe I should have started slow, with a Flash figure or something.

Oh well...while I won't be getting them all (that's just too darn tough!) I'll probably get more than I need, and won't balk at any I don't particularly want/need either, like for birthdays or christmases or things like that.

I look forward to vehicles (Batmobile, anyone?) and other accessories like playsets (a Fortress of Solitude playset would be so cool! Get it? HA!)

...and I hope kids really get behind this series. Parents, you owe it to your children to buy these figures for them. Think about the future!

I don't have any boys, but my nephew needs a handful of these guys on his birthday for sure, and my daughters could always use a Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Batwoman etc etc etc...


  1. I gotta look into what weapons are more in scale with these figures so I can pick up that Gotham PD pack for my eventual Bat-Desk set up.

  2. I bet there are some great weapons in those generic military figures that look like GI Joe ripoffs.

  3. Man you took it for a outdoor shots for review? That's cool!

  4. It was a real nice day and I couldn't resist ;)