He's a cold hearted snake, look into his eyes...

...oh oh, he's been tellin' lies!

Among last weekend's MOTU swap meet haul was my third (still haven't posted about my second) Remco Warrior Beast!

This guy's official name is Snakeman. Those guys at Remco were freaking geniuses!

His head sculpt is actually pretty cool, too bad there's nothin by way of paint application except the yellow in the eyes.

He came with a sword in his hand but I don't think it's original to the toy. You tell him.

He's also got an epic tail. Looks like mine has been attached with a screw or something, so it's likely a repair job. Other than that Snakeman is in great condition and a nice addition to my growing Remco Warrior Beast army. Not bad for four bucks!


  1. Such a cool looking figure! I need to find some of these somewhere.

  2. The tail should look deadly...

  3. How do we know this is really from Remco? "Snake Man?" Maybe.... but I can't really be sure.

    For all we know this is from Hasbro and it came out last week.

    Once bitten...

  4. Hahah it's all true this time Brian...

    ...THIS time ;)

  5. That's Warduke's sword! From the '83 LJN AD&D line. :)

    I love Remco's toys. So simple, boarderline silly, yet full of awesome.

    Great find, Bubbashelby!

  6. Thanks for the weapon info, Ackshun!

  7. The weapon that came with this figure is a all black plastic cross between a hand axe and a scimitar looking thing. I went through two of these as a lad. I also had a couple other figures from this line. They were both some kind of dinosaur crossed with he-man looking things. Snakeman was def the stand out! Tail always fell off.