Gorillas just want to have fun

The most impressive figures released in the animated Justice League toyline, in my opinion, were the oversized characters like Darkseid, Doomsday, Ultra Humanite and this hairy heathen here, Gorilla Grodd.

Most of the time these bigger baddies were only available as part of a store exclusive multi-pack that usually contained at least three or four figures you already owned. Because Mattel.

I won't even begin my rant about the JLU Solomon Grundy figure.

Anyways, I did not get Grodd when he was released. I did see him in the store once, but I was Christmas shopping for my kids and contrary to popular belief, I do have some self control.

So when I saw Gorilla Grodd pop up on Eclectorama's own Chunky B's ebay auction extravaganza, I knew I had to bid for him and at least get a shot at a great priced Grodd while also helping Chunky B clear out his awesome manly toys so he can make room for more dollhouses and Barbie Corvettes and tea sets. I set a bid and walked away, only to find later that I had won Gorilla Grodd and a handful of other cool toys, including a JLU Zatanna and Black Canary that were immediately added to my daughter's superhero collection! Chunky B also sent me bonus toys and some stickers and a re-usable bag depicting all the awesome art he has done for Tate's comics! A great haul from a great guy, with the highlight of course being that I now own a JLU Gorilla Grodd.


  1. "so he can make room for more dollhouses and Barbie Corvettes and tea sets"

    Ha, you busted me, I am making room for a dolly, LOL.

  2. lol Bubba on the dollhouses and barbie corvettes.

  3. Hey was just thinking and wondering did they make a Mongol figure for this line?

  4. I knew it CB!

    No jboy, they didn't make a Mongul.

  5. Thats a bummer he would of made a great figure for this line.

  6. You know jboy, it turns out Mattel did show a Mongul at Toy Fair but have not stated any plans for release. Maybe it'll happen on their website someday soon.