Playmobil wants

So I turn 37 next month and suddenly find myself enamored by Playmobil toys (who, not ironically, also turned 37 this year!)

I'm trying my best not to buy much of them because I have enough collections around without devoting space to these silly things, but some are so damn irresistible I just can't help myself! Especially when it comes to the figures (aka Klickys.) I feel like Bill and Ted, gathering up great warriors from throughout time to do battle or write a history report or something. Now if Playmobil only made a phone booth, I would totally customize a Bill and Ted for display! Anyways, here are a few really cool Playmobil toys that have caught my eye online recently. Try to resist their awesomeness. I DARE YOU!

Barbarian Chief! I think this one is still only available in Europe and the UK, so I may have to wait on this guy for a few months.

Ghosts! These two are an 'add-on' set, so I may grab them if I see them next time I go Playmobil hunting.

Hyena! Another add-on set, a must for a Harley Quinn fan like myself.

Indian Chief! What can I say, I dig the Chiefs. Also an 'add-on' figure.

Glow in the dark skeleton in Mummy 'wrapping!' 'Nuff said.

Trick or Treaters! A little devil and a little tiger. Play 'Who toilet-papered my house!?!?' with this set and an old man Playmobil figure (sold separately).

These Halloween sets are available at the Playmobil Online Store.

And finally this Sperm Whale - you can actually fit a Playmobil figure in his mouth! EPIC!

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  1. Fear not Bubba am 40 years old and am starting love these more and more everyday so i will be joining you on the Playmobil bandwagon buddy.