I would totally watch this buddy movie

In a world where no career is safe from layoffs, two men at the HEAD of their game suddenly find themselves in the cut-throat job market, each competing for the last job in town.

 He's an executioner, he's a head hunter. He swings his axe for God and Queen, he's a Witch-Doctor and a King! He separates heads from torsos, he shrinks heads and uses them for soup. 

But both are in a stew now, figuratively shrinking heads and literally scratching their own as a mix-up at the Employment Development Department puts both men in the same position: High School Student Counselor!

Will they get over their hard HEAD-ed natures and learn how to put their HEADS together, or will HEADS roll as an angry HEADmaster blows his top?

Find out this summer in Be-Head-er of the Class!

Once again Playmobil outdoes themselves and forces me to buy one of their awesome figures even though I had no intention of doing so, not even knowing the figure existed until stumbling onto it at Kaleidoscope.

This guy is a Playmobil 'Add-on' - it turns out Playmobil, in addition to all the sets and figures they make, also send out to stores plastic baggies with figures, animals, vehicles etc in them so kids who buy, say for instance a Zoo set, can get a couple more elephants or a few baby zebra to add to their menagerie. I was casually digging through the bin on the floor in front of the boxed Playmobil and couldn't believe it when I spotted this guy in all his tiki-masked skull-staffed glory!

Besides all the legal/choking mumbo jumbo on the package, all it had to identify this guy was 'Playmobil 7459.' I looked online and he appears to be fully dubbed 'African Native Chief.'

Apparently there are a few sets of these African Native guys available, one of which is a 'Special' figure which I did see on the pegs. But the most epic one, the one with the mask and skull topped staff, is merely an add-on!?!?! They should really lead with this guy, he's freaking awesome! I only found one of him, or else I may have been tempted to get a few more just to have extras of that epic mask.

"Oooh eeeh oooh aaah aaah, tinh tang walla walla bing bang!"

Even his shield is epic.

Of course this head-hunter is the perfect teammate for my beheader to hang out with! When I got him home I told the pre-wife 'they're friends.' She said they may have a difficult time with the language barrier. I told her that the satisfying sound of a neck being sliced, followed by the wet thud and flopflop of a head hitting the floor and rolling are universal to any language. I gathered by her silence that she agreed.


  1. Bubba you were right this guy is freakin' awesome am stopping at my educational toy store this coming weekend to see if i can dig one of these up! Also i wanted to mention that my Toys R Us is finally selling the blind bags of these woot!

  2. I knew you would agree jboy! I tried to dig for any extras when I saw him because I knew there'd be folks who wanted him, but he was all alone - so good luck in the hunt!

  3. Thanks Bubba and who knows what will turn up at my stores dump bin this week.

  4. Oh crap! I look at those Playmobil add-on figures all the time, and never saw that one. Well, ebay, here I come. I should probably go ahead and re-buy the Scooby Doo Witch Doctor for my "ridiculous tiki god figure" collection that I seem to be amassing...