Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my birthday. Yay me!

Normally as my birthday approacheth, I hit up every family member and tell them exactly what I want, at exactly what store to find it, on exactly which aisle to find it, on exactly which shelf to find it...you get the picture.

But having a baby changes you. No, I'm not giving up on needing more toys that my children. I just haven't been focused on my needs lately. For instance: sleep. Apparently I don't need that as much as I previously thought.

Anyways, other than my beautiful baby girl, I did receive a gift from my woman back on October 18th: Batman Arkham City. And again, other than my beautiful baby girl, Arkham City has consumed most of my attention since it's debut.

I got the Robin DLC version, so there are challenge maps where you can play as Robin in his Arkham City costume, his Batman: Animated costume, and my favorite, Red Robin:

Robin is a real badass in this game; he moves lightning quick and wields a mean bo staff. While Batman is pretty much a pummeler, and Catwoman is super fast but not very strong, I find Robin to be the perfect blend of speed and power.

I'm tempted to get the Nightwing DLC but I think I'll wait until the game starts to bore me. There's so much to Arkham City, with all the side missions, combat maps, challenge maps, etc etc...not to mention Catwoman...that it's keeping me well entertained a month into it. Happy birthday to me indeed!


  1. it's sure something- my pal Dan got it, and i played as Animated Robin, of course :D

  2. Congrats! Have a nice day!

  3. Happy birthday Bubba! May your day be filled with fun...and toys! :)

  4. Happy Bday! I have the game but I have yet to open it up and play it! I bought from Toys R Us cause I'm old school and wanted the Bronze Age skin.

  5. Happy Birthday! I didn't think folks your age were supposed to play video games ;)

    I'm just jealous, because I really want to play Arkham City, but my girlfriend won't let me purchase anything on my Amazon wish list until after the holidays...

  6. Happy Birthday! I got the Nightwing pack, and eagerly await Robin. Nightwing's timing threw me off at first, but I ended up getting all of my highest scores with him. I'm not a huge fan of his face, but otherwise he is very cool.