Transformers Prime Cliffjumper

I am not watching Transformers Prime and I have no intention to. I didn't see the last Transformers film and have no intention to.

I am not a TF hater, mind you. Quite the opposite. I have loved Transformers from day one. And while a storyline or cartoon or movie(s) may not be to my liking on occasion, I know and am a fan of a good Transformer when I see it, and this is a good looking Transformer right here:

G1 Cliffjumper was my first Transformer ever, so I am quite fond of the character and a little protective of his portrayal. And while a souped up Boss Hoss accessorized Plymouth is in no way reflective of a Porsche 924 (which is what G1 Cliffjumper transformed into) this car is pretty damn badass and the horns DO reflect Cliffjumper's horned head which is a genius move from a design perspective. Give whoever came up with that idea a raise!

Also, he's not a repainted Bumblebee and for that I say IT'S ABOUT GODDAMNED TIME!!!!!!

G1 Cliffjumper and Bumblebee were different in every single way except the engineering of their transformation. How they ever became 'twins' is beyond me and angers me to no end. Especially since Cliffjumper always got the shaft and ended up being the repainted Bumblebee in nearly every toyline for the past twenty years (if he showed up at all.)

Anyways, I think I'll grab this Transformer when he hits the shelves (if he hits...cough cough Windcharger cough cough)

Go to Bilibala Hobbies to see more awesome pics of Cliffjumper!


  1. I will be getting this too but takaratomy version.

  2. I agree with everything you said. 'Bout time Cliffjumper got his own designated mold!

  3. I can't wait to get all the Prime figures! I just don't care much for the show. This Cliffjumper is just impossibly cool looking.

  4. This one actually looks better than i thought it would i wonder what the rest will be like?

  5. you should get it. its an awesome figure. i made a custom headlights for him :)

  6. As tough as they come. Better than Deluxe Classic Cliffjumper