In addition to Bane, Poison Ivy and Batgirl's Ice-Strike Cycle, one more 'not nearly as bad as the movie' action figure from the debacle Batman and Robin that I added to my collection recently is this basic Batgirl.

Once again the toy isn't too bad at all. In fact, this is a pretty nice Batgirl action figure all things considered.

Batgirl here looks almost nothing like her movie counterpart. Namely...no nipples. Or was it only the men in Schumacher's opus that got nipples? I can't recall...or choose not to.

But seriously, the real difference is that this Batgirl has a proper cowl, not a domino mask like Alicia Silverstone sported in the film.

I do have to admit that I'd love to have a movie accurate Batgirl figure, but this one is far more preferred for it's closer-to-the-comics styling.

She even fits atop her Ice Strike Cycle!

Oddly, the standard Batgirl is taller than the one that came with the bike. But I suppose one could just imagine these were two different Batgirls, like Cassie and Steph.

Batgirl came with some terrible accessories which I won't even go into as they were nothing more than a waste of plastic. But for a fun and nice looking Batgirl action figure (of which there just aren't enough of) this one fits the bill pretty nicely, and can still be found for cheaper than the cost of a new action figure.


  1. We own that Batgirl but not the bike, very cool!

    1. The bike is pretty cool too, you should try to track one down!