Marvel Lego in stores NOW!

I was at my local Toys R Us and saw all the Marvel Avengers Lego sets (the base with Hulk, Hawkeye and Thor; the jeep with Loki and Iron Man, and Captain America's motorcycle with Cap, natch. Don't know which set had Black Widow but I'm sure she was in there somewhere too.)

I'm not as into Marvel as I am DC and besides, Toys R Us tends to run 20% higher prices than anywhere else, so while I may be tempted in the future I wasn't tempted today.

regardless, keep your eyes peeled, true believers...they are out there!


  1. I snagged the Wolverine set and the Captain America set online a couple weeks ago, I can't wait to get the rest!

    Oh, and Black Widow comes in the Quinjet set!

  2. Have not seen them yet but i can't wait for them to start showing up here.