Bone Beast :: Countdown to Halloween 2012

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Now on with the show!

Today we take a look at this spooky-cycle chillingly called the Bone Beast!

Bone Beast is a Hot Wheels Thundercycle from 2004. Interestingly, nowhere on Bone Beast does it say 'Bone Beast.' That was the name given this ride on the packaging however. On the cycle it is called 'Cybertooth II' and I have no idea why it was changed between casting and packaging, but there you have it.

This cycle is a bit larger and bulkier than the recent Batcycle and others in current Hot Wheels motorcycle releases; in fact it is probably from the first iteration of this concept/design. Like the Batcycle, it fits and rolls along standard Hot Wheels orange track. Unlike the Batcycle, Bone Beast has four smaller wheels on the side and undercarriage to help it glide along the track, similar to how a log plume ride is designed in order to scoot around corners.

Bone Beast appears to be a motorcycle crossed with a Rattlesnake skeleton. SPOOKY! But what makes Bone Beast particularly paranormal is that it includes a translucent ghost-like phantasmagorical rider...with a glow in the dark skeleton inside him!

Actually just the pelvis, ribcage and skull, but it does give off a very haunting effect when racing in the dark!

My Bone Beast has blue wheels; I have seen it appear more commonly with translucent purple wheels. Bone Beast is a fun toy that I've had since I found it on the pegs back in 2004. A skeleton-ghost riding a skeleton-cycle ...what's not to love?

Tune in tomorrow for more fearsome fun!


  1. Nice, I'll have to add this one to my wanted list for my Halloween garage.

  2. I'll keep my eyes peeled too for ya!

  3. that is pretty awesome looking!
    The fact that they added a glow in the dark skeleton inside the rider, puts it over the top!! lol

    1. I agree. Definitely they toy's best feature!