Harley Qwednesday :: Elf on Harley's Lap on a Shelf

It helps during the holidays around here that Harley Quinn's costume colors are so close to festive, with all that red and white and diamonds and all. So while some of my toys are relegated to the other room to make space for the tree and lights and stars and tinsel, Harley actually becomes part of the fun!

"Tell Santa Quinn whatcha want, kiddo. Wait...have you been bad or good, cuz if you've been good, I'm droppin' ya!"
So while other boring houses have a lame old elf on their boring shelves, we have an elf on Harley Quinn's lap...on a shelf!


  1. We had not thought of using our Harley Quinn as a Christmas decoration...

  2. I think the Elf is telling Harley what he wants for Christmas.