TMNT April O'Neil War Fan Accessory Hack!

I rarely get the chance to watch the modern iteration of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. Still, I am a fan of many of the action figures that correspond with it, including April O'Neil, who was one of the first I picked up when the new line was released (shortly after obtaining all four turtles.)

April is a great figure, her likeness to the younger, teen version of the character is pretty close to her cartoon appearance and fits in nicely with the Turtle action figures from the same toon. She originally came with a few ninja weapons, but it was brought to my attention recently that in the cartoon she has started using a 'War Fan' as a signature weapon ala Leo's katana, Raph's sai etc.

It struck me that I had a Playmobil fan or two that had come with the Fi?ures series Geisha (which I had parted out to make my Playmobil Harley Quinns) and voila! I was able to give April her signature weapon!

Playmobil stuff really comes in handy sometimes.

I probably won't go so far as to paint these designs onto the fan, but who knows. At least she has her war fan, decorations or not!

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  1. That's awesome. It's a shame she didn't come with one.