Random Halloween Pic :: I Got a Rock...Lord

Last weekend I stumbled on a beautiful specimen of Rock Lord-dom. Boulder - the leader of the good rocks!

Rock Lords are stupider than shit but damned if I didn't love them as a kid.

Rocks that transform into robots.


I really wish I had held on to all of the ones I had when I was a kid. But I didn't, and they rarely show up during my second-hand hunting. So when I found a near minty fresh Boulder at the flea market last weekend for two bucks I had to have him even though i think I might have a less perfect one around Toyriffic headquarters somewhere.

This one even has his gun! The tab that holds it to his wrist is broken but that's not a big deal since I haven't seen Boulder's gun since I was a wee lad.

Boulder....he turns into a rock...HEROICALLY!


  1. These are super cool,Eric.So many people complain about Transformers alt modes ,and how their car and plane modes look bad.But there's no way for a rock to"look bad" hence nothing a Rocklord's alt mode can get wrong.

  2. I used to have all of them. Got rid of them during high school and now I find myself looking for them again.