Harley Quinn LEGO LED Flashlight :: Harley Qwednesday

LEGO has been producing flashlight and clock versions of their minifigures for years, and in all that time I've wished they would make a Harley Quinn version. MY WISH CAME TRUE (at least regarding the flashlight version. And I now have more hope for a clock version too!)

Larger in scale that a traditional minifigure, LEGO LED flashlight figures also feature a keychain attachment on their noggins (I've since removed mine.)

The cool thing about these flashlights is that each foot contains a lightbulb. So you can aim one towards the ground and one in front of you when walking around in the dark. SAFETY! Her arms and head move in traditional LEGO minifigure fashion, but of course she is not de-constructable. I wish she had an 'on-off' switch and not the 'hold down' button so you could leave her on and standing on one foot like a lantern, but whatever. I'll just sit here in the dark and await the inevitable LEGO Harley Quinn clock!

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