BootLEGO Red Hood minifigure

I have a pretty decent Robin minifigure collection between all the LEGO and BootLEGO minifigures I've amassed, covering Dick Grayson, Tim Drake and even Damian Wayne, but until now I did not have one that was definitively Jason Todd. (Now I need a Carrie Kelly Robin!)

This BootLEGO minifigure is definitely one of the lower-end bootlegs. You can see the paint is pretty choppy on the torso, and he's made of a cheap plastic and the plastic molding left a lot of flashing on it. but he was incredibly cheap and he displays well, and he came with two guns...

...and an alternate head/hairpiece too. Well worth the price even if he comes across as a bit cheap. And now I have an official Jason Todd in my Robin minifigure collection. Win win!


  1. doesn't look to bad, Iv seen some of the bootlego look really really bad.

    1. There are definitely crappier bootLEGOs out there, don't get me wrong. But the plastic quality on this one (at least for the legs and hair) is pretty sub par. Still worth every measly penny, and a must have for any Jason Todd fan!