Random Toy Pic :: Masters, Prepare for Battle!

Trying to get a bit more organized with my toys that aren't on display, and gathered together a bunch of MOTU figures that for some reason haven't been stored with my main MOTU collection yet. Zodac and Trap-Jaw (you can see the top of his head above He-Man) are actually the re-releases from around 2000. The rest are original MOTU figures from flea market finds over the past few years. And even with a handful of floppy limbs, they all stand surprisingly well!

Extendar, Roboto, Horde Trooper, Grizzlor, and even Battle Cat are all figures I did not own as a child. You can see a bit of Clawful too in the right lower corner - he was one of my childhood favorites and one I did own and love.


  1. I'm doing the same exact thing ,right now actually with my Marvel Universe display.Ill probably post pics of the jumbled mess on Toy- Disorderly.

  2. Great shot! We played outside with our MOTU, Sectaurs and Spawn over the weekend.