Iron Man Mark I

The first Iron Man movie is still my favorite of all the Marvel superhero movies. It took a character I had loved since discovering him in the Secret Wars action figure line and translated him perfectly from 60's comic book to new century cinema.

One of the greatest moments in the character's history is the making of the Mark I armor while a POW in either Vietnam or some Middle-Eastern nation as translated into our current political climate.

Second only to my Secret Wars Iron Man this 6" Mark I movie Iron Man by Hasbro is my favorite Iron Man action figure of all time. Much like the current armored Batman for the Batman v Superman movie line, this is the perfect cinematic translation of the source material.

Mark I has a lot of articulation for a dude in extremely limiting armor, as well as a ton of detail. He also has a spring action fire missile ala his blow torch  feature from the movie,

Mark I Iron Man is not only one of my two favorite Iron Man action figures, but he may just be one of my top ten favorite action figures of all time. He's solid, beautifully sculpted, a perfect 'real' interpretation of his comic book inspiration, and he's just plain fun to have around.


  1. Thats a nice rendition of the suit that started it all.

  2. Never found it down here. But then again I am a red and yellow purist.