Two-Bad :: Punching Himself in the Face for Over 30 Years

Two-Bad is another MOTU figure I did not own as a kid. Ironically, I now own two - both the flat back and round back version. I prefer the round back version because he's more properly proportioned, and this is him. Although you wouldn't have known because I didn't photograph his back.

Like with all Masters of the Universe figures, Two-Bad had an action feature, and it's still hilarious after 32 years - each arm pulls back and punches the other head in the face! HAHAHAHAHAH comedy gold! The only way Two-Bad could have been better would have been for him to have had two fingers extended on one of the hands.

"Oh, a wiseguy, eh?"

"Why I oughtta...!"

I remember reading somewhere that the original concept for Two-Bad was for him to have been two enemy characters mashed together by some sorcery or other and so of course they were always fighting each other even as a two-headed unit. Not sure what his canonical cover story is nowadays, but that;s how I like to think of him.


  1. I just started collecting MOTU this past year. Kevin sent me Mantenna and so whenever I see em down here I will pick one up. I got 3 so far.

    1. It's funny but for some reason of all the Motu ever made, I find Mantenna the most. I think I have two or maybe three of him at this time and I've gotten rid of and passed on a handful of them over the years as well.

  2. Heh, that's the most random action feature I've ever heard of!