Harley Qwednesday :: Funko Batman and Batgirl ImPOPsters Coming Soon!

Funko just announced a way to get more of my money by releasing Batman and Batgirl in villain livery ala their recent LootCrate exclusive Joker Batman. More importantly, they are releasing a Harley Quinn Batgirl AND a Harley Quinn Batman!!!

The 2016 ImPOPsters release schedule is as follows:

Riddler Batman: July
Poison Ivy Batgirl: July
Harley Quinn Batgirl: August
Two-Face Batman: August
Harley Quinn Batman: September
Penguin Batman: October
Scarecrow Batman: November

Ironically I don't even own a standard Funko Batman or Batgirl (I've stayed focused on Harley Quinns for the most part, and of course my Batman Joker!) but I really think I need every one of these! But I will settle for just the Harley Quinn themed ones if I have to pick and choose.
"I'm Bat-Quinn!"


  1. A Pop! Batgirl will cost you. So, I'd stick to Imposter Batgirl(s). For some reason, I'm not too keen on these. I've been debating for days as to whether or not to pre-order them from BBTS, as my compulsion to buy everything Harley is very strong. However, my desire to not be taken advantage of by a mere color scheme is kicking in.

    1. Im a sucker for the concept, but fortunately am not a completeist so while I absolutely need batgirl Harley to pair with my pop joker Batman, i could conceivably stop at just that one. But I doubt I will.