Because "Mentally Unbalanced Bouncy Spherical Toys" was just too long...

Check out this crazy disgusting MadBall!

His name is Skull Face, natch. I got him for free, yes FREE!!! from Justin Gammon who, aside from being the only other living Mixed-up Zoo Animal fan on record besides myself, runs the awesome toy blog Weirdo Toys! Justin posted a Madball giveaway and since I have no life outside the internet I was all over it like ugly on a Madball, and was one of the lucky recipients of an ugly gross lovely free toy!

Skull Face here is actually a MadBall Sick. Which means he has a special disgusting feature besides his ugly mug...

There's a clear pocket on his head and just like Charmin, when you squeeze him you get a special surprise!

Squeeze it and the blister bulges with slimey spiders and a little red goo for good measure. YECH!

The spiders squeeze out nice and slow like, so it's almost like they're real. Real gross!!!!!

Thanks Justin for sharing your balls with your fans. You rock and Weirdo Toys is the bomb-diggity!

(P.S. - you can follow Weirdo Toys on Twitter too! DO IT!)


  1. Yes...I remembered having this one...Hahah...

  2. Hey! Thanks for the props Bubba Shelby ;)

    Glad you're enjoying the Madball. That thing really does look sick. That clump of spiders looks really nasty.

    Maybe I shouldn't have given them all away :O

    Long live MUZA!!

  3. That is an awesome Madball! Those spider living in a brain blister are kind of making me want to puke. *bleorgg!*

  4. LPM - I think Skullface was one of the best of the classic line, as well as the cyclops guy!

    Justin - no, thank YOU! and: MUZA FOREVER!!!

    Reis - I hope you had time to remove your mask before puking - YUCK!

  5. That's wicked!

    You are so lucky. I was too late for when I joined in. Then again I don't know if they ship oversea. :P

  6. When it comes to free toys, LEon, you have to be quick! :)

  7. madballs are classic...they're right up there with Boglins!