Random Toy Pic :: Lego Batman

This is the newest Lego version of Batman that comes with Catwoman Catcycle City Chase set #6858

I love the extended wings - they are a single piece that connects to his neck, so there's no worries of a wing falling off or getting lost. They also have pegs on the back so a jet-pack can be built on Batman's back, but display very nicely without anything added. The blue/grey colors and the yellow oval and 'pellet' belt are reminiscent of the seventies era Batman.I love him!

Unbelievable as it may seem, this is my first Lego Batman ever - and only one of three DC superhero based Lego minifigures I have ever owned (Catwoman that came with this set and of course Harley Quinn being the other two!)

Of course, with all the new Dc Superhero Lego stuff coming in 2012, those stats won't last long!

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