Domo Arigato Mr. Cyborg-o

I found this larger-than-standard Cyborg action figure at a school flea market this past weekend. For fifty cents I couldn't pass him up!

Amazingly he's in near perfect condition with only a couple small scratches. He was a little dirty when I found him but cleaned up nice and easily.

Teen Titans action figures are relatively hard to come by and I am always surprised when I find them, and I try to snag them when I see one in good condition (and selling for cheap!)

I have amassed a modest amount of standard sized figures (mostly for my daughter) but this is my first over-sized figure. Cyborg here is about 5" tall. Released as 'Action Sound Cyborg,' this guy has a button on his chest and makes sounds of some sort (apparently he says 'Booyah!,) but the batteries are long dead and slightly corroded and needed to be thrown out asap. I don't know if the sound feature still works, but at least the 'button' is part of the character's design, so it isn't an obnoxious and useless when batteries are dead add-on.

Cyborg here is a solid figure with great articulation; he reminds me a lot of the current Ninja Turtles offerings. Well built, solid, durable, a great cartoon accurate design, and ready for play!

Did I say 'durable'?

"Medic! Mechanic! BOTH!"

Oh wait - he's supposed to do that!

I found Cyborg in a box of random toys with nothing else worth grabbing. I almost passed up looking in a second box because another guy was digging enthusiastically into it and seemed like he'd be there a while (the box didn't appear to contain anything I cared for anyways.) But when he suddenly stepped away, and since the Mrs. was still perusing clothes or some other nonsense, I decided to give the second box a quick dig-through.

I'm glad I did, because buried deep inside I found this:

Cyborg's gun arm!

Not being terribly familiar with these figures, I didn't even realize this was something I should have been looking for! Luckily I stumbled onto it.

"I know what you're thinking...did he fire five fingers or only four...?"

Action Sound Cyborg also originally came with a small Titans communicator, but I didn't see it in the box and am sure it is long lost (also...who cares. I have his gun-arm!) And who needs to call the Teen Titans anyways when they're now a member of the Justice League!

Be sure to click over and check out my smaller scale Teen Titans Cyborg I reviewed years ago, who also would have had an alternate arm but unfortunately I didn't find it at the time. Fortunately, he happened to already be wearing his gun-arm!

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Finally, check out this fun little Teen Titans Go! short from DC nation: